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Over thinking

Sometimes you say things you dont want to say, but the words come out before you know what hits you.
Sometimes you do things you dont want to do, but you realise that if you care about the end product you will do them.
All you can do is hide the pain and move on with life, pain is a part of everyday and though it may rule your heart it cant rule you head.
Remember this when you are faced with a tough decision and decide which end product is more worth it.
You will realise that while you still have pain you also have passion and passion is a powerful tool that shapes and molds a person.
And dont be ashamed of these feelings, everyone has them and while other handle it differently, you must do whatever is most comfortable to you because it is your life, Only you have to live it.
All that matter is that you live with no regrets because regrets mean you didn't full fill life to the your full extent.
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